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Carluke Development Trust has received a Scottish Land Fund award of £278,000 to secure on behalf of Carluke’s communities, ownership of the Carluke High Mill.

As Tom Sneddon Chair of the Trust explains,

“The application to the Scottish Land Fund was developed thanks to the hard work of many people, both inside and outside of the town, who have persevered for many years in order to get the project to this important stage. This hard work was further enhanced by feedback from Carluke’s communities through the Carluke Conversation, in which the communities expressed a desire to see the Windmill and land developed to become community owned and managed facilities”.

The award by Scottish Land Fund will allow CDT on behalf of the communities of Carluke to formally enter negotiations with the owner of the site to agree the acquisition of land, the Windmill and associated buildings for the communities of Carluke.

This award will initially allow the development of a community owned and managed garden and growing space which will become a focal point for educational, training and volunteering activities within Carluke, reflecting the ambitions and aspirations identified by Carluke’s communities within the CARLUKE CONVERSATION.

If you are interested in gaining more information on the Carluke High Mill Development or the wider Carluke developments to be delivered over the coming months, and/or you wish to become a member of the Trust at this important stage in the development of the town contact us via:

Email:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web:        www.carluketrust.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carluketrust/                         




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Carluke Shield

The Commonty

This is a very exciting pioneering project as it would be the first of its size in Scotland. There are many stages and break points to this project so we are working alongside expert consultants to guide our decisions.

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High Mill

Carluke's High Mill was built by the Dick family c. 1797. It has stood sentinel at the top of Chapel Street for over 200 years. It is listed as one of Scotland's most important buildings, it is on the Buildings at Risk Register. It needs your help. Urgently!

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Road Race

Taking place in June this is one of the Trust's major events, online registration will be open soon for June 2015.

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Jam & Ham Festival

The 'Jam Festival' was established in 2013, an identifiable event that has the purpose of nurturing community pride in their rich history in food production.

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