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Carluke Development Trust has been in collaboration with Law Community Development Trust on the rejuvenation of the Old Wishaw Road between our two towns. In the beginning of 2014 we reviewed a detailed feasibility study funded by 'LEADER', which provides us with key information on the work required to upgrade the path to Sustrans standard for a cycle path. Funding has been applied for during 2014, and we hope to have successfully been allocated sufficient funding by National bodies by the end of 2015 to be able to apply to Sustrans to upgrade the path. We are also working on arranging legal access to the path for future work. There is a community steering group consisting of residents of both towns who meet regularly to discuss the plans for the Old Wishaw Road.

The Old Wishaw Road track provides an easy straight direct off-road route between Carluke and Law village and then on towards Wishaw across the Garrion Burn Bridge (currently in a dangerous state of repair). It is tree-lined, pleasant, goes through open countryside, away from traffic fumes and is quiet and safe. It is only two miles in distance; it can easily be taken on foot, by bicycle, by wheelchair or buggy. People who live locally can use it to visit family members in neighbouring town/village; people in Law can get to town centre for library, Health Centre, bank or other business. It is also ideal just for a walk, jogging, getting fresh air and exercise and it gives access to the growing woodland area. Currently it is need of some major work as parts of the path are impassable.

During 2015 the volunteers hope to have the opportunity to carry out work on the vegetation of this environmental corridor and work on drainage issues. If anyone is interested in sharing ideas on the Old Wishaw Road or joining the steering group please contact the Trust.


Old Wishaw Road


Old Wishaw Road 

Old Wishaw Road