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Carluke - A Vibrant and Community-led Town

Carluke as a town and community has seen significant levels of growth over the past few years and with this growth comes a greater need to enable the voices, opinions and thoughts of the community to be heard in the development of Carluke as a town and a community.

The ‘Democracy Matters – Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Future’, consultation by the Scottish Government as part of its Local Governance Review, set out a number a key responses to the consultation;

“A wide range of people with very different backgrounds, experiences and interests overwhelmingly responded that they want to have more say about how local public services are run in their area.”

Carluke has itself over the last few years, undertaken a series of local community conversations including Carluke Town Centre Surveys, The development of the Carluke BID and the Carluke Conversations.

From these a shared objective of communities, businesses and individuals was the creation of a community led process that would support Carluke’s communities to become more involved in the development and delivery of local services.

An initial step was the creation of the Carluke Town Team Group, with representatives from Carluke BID, South Lanarkshire Council, Carluke Community Council NHS Lanarkshire, Carluke Development Trust, local businesses.

The Carluke Two Team would seek to support Carluke’s communities through the Making Places process and using the Place Standard methodology to;

  1. Enable communities to have a strong voice in how their town/area/communities, can be improved and how agencies can work collaboratively to achieve this community led improvement.

  2. Support communities, public, private and third sectors, to work efficiently together to assess the quality of a place/area/community and from this create a community led Vision for Carluke.

  3. Create a Place Plan for Carluke that identifies key aims of the plan and provides a framework that supports collaborative working and allows participants to consider what action might be taken and to identify where their priorities lie.

Artist Clare Mills, visualised the conversations of Carluke Development Trust's 20 year anniversary. Take a look.

Artist Clare Mills, visualised the conversations of Carluke Development Trust's 20 year anniversary. Take a look.

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