Have your say – Carluke High Mill

Simpson & Brown Architects have been commissioned to design, plan and cost the restoration project and are keen to identify as many options as possible, and to assist our communities in the process.

They have created a number of Information Boards that will be on display at the event and in various places throughout Carluke and the surrounding areas over the next 3 months. 

These Information Boards show plans for both the community garden and the buildings:

The boards also show some of the historical background to the project.  The second board shows how this research influences the possible appearance for the repaired and restored mill buildings.  

Across Boards 3 – 5, three options are shown – each meets the objectives of education hub, heritage / community, and performance but each has a bias towards one of the objectives.

We expect the boards to prompt questions such as:

How should we look after the High Mill?
Is it important, should it be restored? Should it be integrated with the community garden?

What should the building look like? 
Covering wall finishes, original materials, extension, size, massing, detail and material.

What will the community use the building for?
Ideas have included men’s shed, education, and integration with the rest of the site and community garden. Three objectives have been identified:

  1. Heritage presentation;
  2. Learning hub;
  3. A place for performance

How is it environmentally sustainable? 
Covering the normal range of environmental issues.

How will it make money?
Covering other examples, the need for a café, other income sources.

Why will people value the High Mill in the future?
This is a concluding board which summarises potential benefits.

This is a start of a three month process and we hope you are able to come along on the 17th to see what the initial thoughts of Carluke’s communities are, and to contribute to the process.

How to respond

You can respond to the boards and/or the questions above by:-

1.  completing the form below
2. emailing  [email protected]
3. popping into Carluke Development Trust’s office:
Unit 8, Carluke Business Centre, 31-35 Hamilton Street, Carluke.  

We welcome all comments, ideas and opinions.

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